Dun Dun Dun Dah!!!

Hey guys its me the husbeast. Yes I do actually exist, and I have taken over the blog for this post.
Now those of you who know me, know I don’t do stuff like this. But there has just been some stuff that has been needing to be said. First of these is my job, not to name names or place, those who know where and who, know. It’s just a few thing that I am tired of such as one thing being said by one person, and then someone else saying something completely different. I know, I know, it’s work. (These thing do happen….. NO!) But, aside from that it is just tiring to work 40+ hours a week only to have barely enough money to make rent. To tire myself out day after day, and the best you get is a $.25 raise and a pat on the back . And this is after 2 years of working there. To be given hours and then have them cut short because managers are pissed at each other. Just ridiculous shit.

What makes it all better though is coming home. No, I don’t have the perfect wife. No , I don’t want the perfect wife.  When I come home though there she is happy to see me. Before you ask, she is Irish, I am not asking for food to be made and a foot rub when I get home…. I’m not that stupid. But anyway there she is. And I know when I get home, almost everything is right in this world for a time being. I’m not pressured to go places, I don’t have to do much. Don’t even have to think for a while, and it’s nice just to be able to come home and relax or vent to her, no fear of backlash (and no bar tab to worry about). Just loving arms. And it’s these thing that I miss at work. But these are the reasons why I do work to make sure she has a roof over her head, to make sure she and a toto and a bug have food. But hey they make it all worthwhile.

Well for the time I should probably sign off before I ramble your ears, so until next time I bid you readers ado.