A lug of an update

Herro hoomans! Dis is Toby dog here, and since you hasn’t heard from me in awhile, momma said I gives you update. I are feeling lots better since my accident wif the towel. I got to play all day at grammas (my mom and dads) yesterday, and so I was one tuckered pup. I gets a bath today, but I no like baths. The tiny dog (Shatzie) is still chasing me around the house and yard, but now I don’t minds as much. Momma and dad say we are moving to a new house this year, and we get to go big bye bye to see Nana and Poppa (Marcus’s parents in Colorado). Momma and dad are gunna start some kind of smelly good company (our candle business, see previous blog), and I get to be a sniff tester. I like to smell all the things. Dad’s making pannycakes (pancakes) right now, so I think I’m gunna helps him. Don’t forget to check out momma and dads Youtube channel, and keep showing lots of love here too! Bark at you guys later! Lots of love, kisses, and big floofy tail wags!



Member of the pack

Herro! Dis is Toby dog here, and I noticed you guys hasn’t heard from me in long time. Mom and dad brought homes my sissy on Thursday, and I no sure what to thinks. Her is so tiny and small. I runs away from her so I no squish her cause I so big. Mom and dad have been trying to gets her to eats, and it has been rough. I like to eats. Me thinks is cause she in new place. When mom and dad brought me home, I no eats for a little bit. Her first night home was long and tiring for all of us. Her woke up three times! I was grumpy floof. It is getting better nows though, cause her been having formula whatever that is, and she finally ate some foods. Her stole it from my bowl, but she has her own. Is okay, I share with my sissy to make her feel better. I sure are glad she is here, it was a long wait for all of us. Mom and dad took us to some big treat store (Petco) yesterday, and I gots new stuffs and sissy got new stuffs. Auntie Brit and Jayden baby even come to sees us there! I gots a new pretty (bandana and sweater) so mom will put picture of it down below so you can sees too! I think we all go see Uncle Brycie and Auntie Brit Brit todays, but for nows I gunna beg for mom’s breakfast burrito and watch my sissy sleep. Lots of furbaby snuggles, kisses, and floofy hairs!



My favoritest boof crunchies!

Hullo again hooman readers! Dis is Toby dog wif yet another nummy recipe straight from my momma and dad! Dis time, my momma decided to make me some healthy crunchy treats! Reads the recipe and directions below, and happy crunching!


Homemade Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Biscuits

1 peeled banana

1 cup of oat flour

2/3 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup dried parsley

3 tablespoons peanut butter

1 egg beaten


The thingy that makes our house super hot (the oven) needs to be at 300°F momma says. Then, you takes the nana and squish it up in a big bowl. You adds the flour, oats, parsley, peanut butter, and egg wif it and mix it up really well. Den you puts aside for 5 minutes (sometimes momma does it longer). After that, she rolls them into balls (makes 24), using 1 tablespoon of dough for each. After she all done, she puts them on wax paper, and uses the heel of her hand to squish them down. She puts them into the hot thing, and our whole house smells like peanut butter cookies! after 40-45 minutes, she takes them outs, and puts them aside to cool down. Momma says you can put them in an airtight container, the magical thing that keeps the food cold (the fridge), or the loud scary thing that makes food hard as ice (the freezer), just be sure to thaw them out before you gives me or your furbabies! Thanks for tuning in and let me knows what you think!

-Toby dog

Boofy floofy friendly icy cream recipe!

Greetings my fellow hoomans! Dis is Toby dog here, and I am going to share a recipe wif you for icy cream (my momma and dad approved)! My momma maked it for me all summer long, and since I is super furry floof, it kept me nice and cold! Pawlees try and enjoy! Also safes for hoomans too!


Furbaby friendly ice cream!

One banana

Greek yogurt


Peanut Butter


Momma says to smush the nana in a bowl. Den, you adds da peanut butter, honey, and greek yogurt. Momma says mix together, and make sure you freezes over night in big loud scary cold thing! Is of the yummy and healthy too! Thanks for tuning in!


-Toby dog