A teeny weenie update

Herro hoomans! Dis is Shatzie pup back again to give you an update on my sassy little self! I are 11 weeks as of yesterday, and I’ll be getting my last round of stabby sharp thing (shot) next week. Mommy made me an Instagram today, and you can follows me on there now! She said she linked it in the main menu, but I’ll leave the link down below too! I’ve been outside a lot, and have been on two walkies with mommy, daddy, and big brother Toby. I absolutely loves it! Mommy and daddy are still potty training me, and are starting to teach me how to go up and down the steep things (stairs) by myself. I’m getting lots bigger, and I am eating very healthy. I like all my toys, still love stealing socks, snuggling in bed with mommy and daddy, and chasing big brother Toby around the house. I’m getting lots better with bath time too. Some things I don’t like are being in my kennel, not being able to get on the big bed or couch, and when big brother runs away while I try to play. Mommy and daddy say that we are going to live somewhere different soon (new apartment), and something about a big bye bye trip (going to Colorado to visit). Anyways, it’s time for snuggles and loves since mommy and daddy just got home from the movies. Mommy says thank you for all the love and support on the blog, and don’t forget to check out their Youtube channel. Lots of love, kisses, and tail wags!




Just growing up

Herro hoomans! Dis is Shatzie pupper coming at you with lots of news! I are eight weeks old nows, and I are doing really good. I likes my hard pupper foods, and eat about two full bowls or more a day! Mommy and daddy and big brother Toby are doing good too, and big brother feels much betters. I get my second round of shots tomorrow, and I are not excited to be poked again. Dat really hurted last time. The sweater mommy and daddy bought me finally fits, is still a little big, but I likes it! Mommy took a picture, and she says she will leave it down below. Big brother Toby and I are getting along much betters now. I love to chase hims! Some of my favorite things are hiding daddies socks under the bed, all my toys, bye bye rides, stealing mommies socks and snuggling with them in my bed, and all my family members! My favorite treats to eat are PBnanas (you can find them in Petco). I even had my first experience outsides in the cold wet stuff (snow). I didn’t know what to thinks of it, but my big brother seems to likes it a lot! Well, me thinks it’s time for a naps now, so I bark at you laters. Lots of love, kisses, and puppy snuggles!



A teeny tiny update

Herro hoomans! It’s Shatzie dog again, and mommy said I should update you guys on how it’s going. I’ve been at my new homes for three days now, and I finally gots comfortable enough to start eating my puppy chow. Daddy made it all special for me and put some chicken broth inside, so it tastes nummy. I eats a whole bowl to myself last night, and mommy has picture proof. I likes having my photo taken. I like mommy and daddy’s feets, my toys, chasing my big brother Toby, and stealing only daddy’s socks and hiding them under the bed. I sleep most of the night nows, but sometimes I wake mommy and daddy up to go potty on my mat (wee pad) or to eats and drink water. I also get in and out of my beds all by myself, but I hasn’t figured out how to get on mommy and daddy’s big bed yet.  We went and did something with all mommy and daddy’s clothes today at grammas (laundry) and I got to see my dog momma. I whined for awhile cause it was hard, but I gots better after playing and eating downstairs. Anyways, momma says it’s time to settle down nows, so I’m gunna curl up with daddy and watch him game. Lots of puppy kisses, tail wags, and snuggles!



My first day home!

Herro everybody! My name is Shatzie, and I am the newest, tiniest member of the Merrick pack! I gots to come home a day early, and boy has it been interesting and fun! Mommy and daddy came up to grandma and grandpas with big brother Toby to come and get me today. Grandma says I was all okay to go homes! I got to go on my very first bye bye ride, and mommy bundled me up in a big warm blankie! We came home, and mommy put me on the floor and holy poo I have lots of space to run and roam! I chased big brother Toby around, but he’s scared cause I so little. Mommy and daddy even bought me a tiny hedgehog toy and I loves it! Then, I gots my very first bath! It was scary at first, but really warm and comforting after I gots use to all the water! They wrapped me in a me sized towel (hand towel) after I was all clean and smelling pretty. I are so sleepy nows, so me thinks I gunna nap in my special blankie and bed mommy and daddy bought for me. Mommy says Auntie Brittany gets to watch me laters, so I’m excited to see her and Uncle Brycie. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to check out mommies other posts, subscribe, and likes her blog! Lots of puppy kisses!