Testing day

No this isn’t the kind of testing you’re thinking of. I’ll include links down below, but we had 4 out of 8 taste testers (all four legged) in our kitchen yesterday. As part of my aunts business, they have a pet line which Marcus and I are in charge of. We make pet beds and treats, and the Magnolia Studios Furbabies kitchen was the place to be for some free treat samples. It was a successful day for sure, and no I’m not going to share any recipes (sneaky sneaky). Our pet beds have launched on Etsy, but not the treats as of yet. Don’t worry though, they are coming soon (maybe in July….hint hint). Anyway, it’s a rest day for us I believe, unless when Marcus comes home he wants to experiment more. We’ll see. I’ll keep everybody up to speed on things, but for now, it’s a slow moving day here. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.