Random ramblings

So since Marcus has tomorrow off, I was thinking we could do a movie night tonight. I’m hoping he goes for the idea since he is out with Toby for his daily walk. He bought me a mouse today for my laptop since I’ve got a Mac. I’m not too sure what to even make for dinner tonight. The plan was meatloaf, but I’m looking at our thawed out ground beef and it just doesn’t sound good. I’m just feeling really blah today and I think it’s because of the weather to be honest. Baby stuff is still baby stuff, and not really much is going on there right now. I’m actually pretty bored sitting here by myself with Shatzie pup who is 8 months old today. I’m having some serious writer’s block, so if this is too rambly I’m sorry. It’s pretty much just a lazy day in the Merrick household today. I was going to clean the house today and I just don’t feel like it. I picked up the living room, so I at least did something. Dogs are getting a bath tonight I think, so that’s about as much excitement as we are getting ourselves into. Anyway, I think I’m going to go and find something productive to do. Thank you guys so much for all your love and support as always. Much love.


On repeat

Nothing about Sundays has changed in the Merrick household. It’s laundry day, which means lugging both our dogs, us, and the laundry to my parents house. Dinner was good like it always is. The dogs played in the yard like they always do. We just got home, I wifed like I always am doing all day every day. Marcus has to work yet another breakfast shift tomorrow morning, and I have to clean the house. I swear someone is pushing the repeat button all the time. I’m not saying I’m bored or tired of life, I’m saying it is what it is for the time being. Everything is fine between Marcus and I, sometimes I just wish there was a little more excitement going on. Both of us are usually too tired to do anything when he comes home from work, so we stay in and game. But I know that’s our way of spending time together and for that I’m not complaining. I don’t feel the greatest today, so I think that’s why I am acting this way. Sorry if this post is boring you to death, I just needed to say something. It’s my way of venting, so that I don’t constantly have to talk another person’s ear off all the time. Anyway thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.

A mix of this and that

It’s sort of a hard one today for me. It’s my cousin who passed birthday today, so that’s got me down a little, because I can’t call or text her and tell her happy birthday. Marcus and I are going to start meal prep and planning again since he shared his good news with me yesterday. We’ve got a really big white board that we are going to put to good use for meal planning and prep as well. Good friends of ours are doing their daughters name day today which is exciting and I know Marcus and I wish we could be there. Marcus just got back from walking the dogs, and besides me cleaning the kitchen I think today is just going to be a day. I think we are just going to game some more today. I’m a little grumpy so this post probably will be a short one as is. I’m at the point of not even knowing what to make for dinner tonight which I’m not really in the mood to cook. I would literally be okay with just some fried food and a big blanket to snuggle under. I’m just off key today I suppose, which isn’t really doing anything for my mood. Anyway before I get any more rambling or grumpy, I better sign off. Thank you guys for all the love and support as always. Much love.

Happy 2 years

I know this post is like suuuuper late, but here it is anyway. On May 30th of this year, we celebrated 2 years of marriage. We had decided to stay in the Arabian Nights themed room at the Black Swan Inn this year, and if you would like to see pics of that, check out the you and I section. We took both the dogs to my parents for the night, since the hotel is not dog friendly. After we parked the blazer, we headed to the main office to check in. This room was beyond gorgeous! When I tell you they think of everything, I’m not even joking. The people there are so sweet and attentive. My mom even came and checked out our room. After she left, we got ready for our special anniversary dinner at Sumisu, which happens to be where we had our first date. We stuffed ourselves full of sushi, and even tried green tea mochi ice cream for the first time. After that, it was a quick trip to Winco for some adult beverages, and the looks we got because we didn’t have time to go back to the hotel and change were priceless. After coming back to our room, we sat down on the bed, grabbed a few drinks, and played the boardgame Monogamy (seriously, go get it if you don’t already have it). I’ll try and find a link for it and leave it down below. Later that evening, We decided to run back to Winco, get munchies, and watch scary movies which didn’t last long because we were both exhausted. I woke up to breakfast in bed the next morning, which was amazing. They provide you with pretty much anything and everything! After checking out, we went and grabbed the dogs and headed home for more munchies and a relaxing movie day. I’m so glad I married my best friend, and I seriously don’t know where I’d be without him. Thank you guys so much for all your love and support as always. Much love.


It’s been a long time

I’m going to apologize now for the length of this post because it’s probably going to be a long one. I know I haven’t been as persistent with this as I should be, but I believe I owe you guys an explanation. We have been so extremely busy with life, that our little household has gone crazy. I am still on my fertility journey as we speak, and so far no luck. That’s a pretty rough topic for me to talk about right now, so I will address it in another post. Also, my anxiety and depression will be discussed in another post as well. We went on vacation to Colorado last month and had an amazing time, and Marcus’s mom and I did a sensory deprivation tank which I will write about in a separate post as well. Our 2 year wedding anniversary in May was a blast, and our hotel room was so cool. I’ll stick some pictures on the you and I section of this in a bit. Shatzie will be 8 months old the 25th of this month, and we just celebrated Toby’s 6th birthday and 2 years with us on the 8th of this month. We recently found out that Toby dog has pica and if you don’t know what that is I’ll leave a link down below, so that’s been a super rough road for us too. Marcus’s job is going well, and hopefully we will be hearing more good news about that soon. We are also moving in almost 2 months, so there are boxes starting to pile up in our tiny one bedroom. Life has just been going on for us, and it has been a wild ride these last few months. We did have a loss in the family as my cousin passed away in her sleep, so that’s been rough for us as well.  As far as our marriage goes, we are doing really well and are extremely excited to be moving in a few months. Other then that, everything is going pretty okay. Anyway before I ramble off your ears, thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.


We wait

We had a really good day today. Marcus is feeling tons better, and we got to see two of my nieces and spend the day with them. We even did a big grill out with burgers and hot dogs up at my parents today. It’s been a tough road lately, but we are pushing through. I’ve got some stuff coming up on Friday, as I await the outcome of a important test. I’ll have more on that when I know more, and then I will post about it here either way. I’m not going to give too much about it away, since I am trying to be on the down low. But other then that, I’m also feeling much better. Anyway, I’m going to get back to relaxing since it was a really long and productive day for us. Thank you guys for all the love and support as always. Much love.

Disney kid

I’m finally starting to feel a little better then I have been. Bad news is, now poor Marcus is sick. It’s a never-ending cycle I swear. Anyway, after tomorrow he’s got Monday and Tuesday off which he needs really bad. He is currently passed out next to me while I watch Disney movies in bed. He even brought home chipotle for dinner tonight because they brought burritos to his work. It was a really nice treat, considering all that’s been happening. I’m currently waiting for my next cycle to come around, which I’m sure is on its way. Anyway, I’m going to snuggle in bed and continue my Disney movies. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.