Crossed fingers

So I finally have some news on the finding a new place situation. We unfortunately didn’t get the chance to snag the house we were looking at renting (super bummed about it), but we do have an appointment Monday at 1 to look at a two bedroom apartment. We are hoping for the best, and we have seen pictures of the inside. Now I know actually going in is different then seeing pictures, but hopefully the pictures are the same as the inside (praying for a dishwasher and washer dryer hookups as we speak). From the viewing, I’m sure we will be putting in our applications and then the wait for approval begins. I think that’s what I’m most nervous for is the approval wait time which hopefully won’t take too long (again fingers crossed). Other than that everything’s going okay. Mom and dad are still in Germany, the house hasn’t burned down (it’s a joke mom, I know you read this), and the dogs are good. We go to Lava with our niece tomorrow night, and I’m seriously excited for the time to just relax. Anyway, thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.


Morning silences

So I’m sit here drinking a cup of coffee (if y’all know me personally that usually isn’t a thing) and watching the traffic go by with the back door open so the dogs can go in and out as they please, and it’s pretty quiet. I can even see the pretty changing leaves on the trees. Marcus is at work as per normal (I know shocker there right), and I have a buttload of laundry from our old apartment to do (also no shocker there). I’m seriously starting to regret having so much clothes. We are still on the hunt for a new place to live, and I’m thinking we found one. It’s actually a house instead of an apartment, and we are so in love with it. I’m so hoping this one stays open long enough for us to put all the money and such down for it. It’s not really the most eventful day today. Mom and dad left for their trip yesterday, so it’s just Marcus and I plus the dogs for three weeks. We really hope they have a good time. Anyway, thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.

Special deal number 3

I promised you another special weenie warmers deal, so here it is. I’ll link it down below so you guys can check it out! Don’t forget to use my code at checkout for a little discount. We’ve had a busy day here at the Merrick/Eyler household. Dad and I went to comic con this morning and had a blast. I’m excited to hang the new custom art pieces that I got in our new place. Anyway, thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.

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It’s been a crazy past few days, but we are all moved into my parents for now. It was a bittersweet moment for us to leave our apartment, but we still have to go back and clean it. We have slowly been unpacking our things we wanted in the house, so I’ve had things to do while Marcus is at work. Now begins the search for a new place to call home, and hopefully land the one we want. The dogs are settling in pretty well which I’m grateful for, and for me it’s getting better. Anxiety makes change a pain in my ass. I’ve been digging your comments on my posts lately, and I try to answer as many as I can so if I haven’t gotten to yours don’t worry. Tomorrow is a regular Sunday for us, except I get to take my dad to comic con. Be on the lookout for a post about that. Also tomorrow, I’ll have a special weenie warmers deal for you guys, so don’t forget to check that out. Other than that, nothing much is really going on since things slowed down. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.

Bare minimum

Well, we are finally on the homestretch for packing. All we really have now is last minute things (thank you Jesus). Our walls are bare, along with pretty much the rest of this tiny apartment. We are trying to make the most out of this last week. At the moment, it’s nice and toasty in here, Marcus made his special apple cider, and we have our apple spice candles going. Fajitas are cooking, and a movie tonight I think. I think we finally found a place, and I’m crossing my fingers that it stays open long enough for us to snag it. It’s literally the perfect apartment/ townhouse. It’s really weird to have our apartment echo, because other than when we moved in it didn’t. I’m still a little bummed because we are leaving, and to tell you the truth I think it is just now hitting Marcus that we are (poor guy). We will be okay I know that for sure. I’m ready for a new adventure anyway, and I think he is too. Sorry about no updates on the fertility front, nothing much will change until next week when I stop my cream again. Anyway, thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.

One week

Holy hell we move next week. We have been packing like crazy today, and it’s been pretty bittersweet. We are almost out of boxes and newspaper, so we will have to make a run to Red Lion tomorrow and to mom and dad’s for more of both. Shatzie got her Weenie Warmer yesterday, and she absolutely loves it. Marcus has today and tomorrow off, hence the overload on packing, and lack of cooking this week (Dominos pizza tonight for the win, and movies to spare). We have our Uhaul reserved for the 28th at 9 am, and I’m seriously hoping that it is big enough for all our stuff. Everything’s coming together though, and I’m so excited to be done with packing for about a month. Then we get to do it all over again when we move into our new place (yay). Anyway, this post is going to be a bit short today since I’m pretty tired from packing, and ready to relax with Marcus. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.

A special deal

unnamed.jpgHi you guys! I recently became a #HolidayHelpers with an awesome company called Weenie Warmers. They are a company that handmakes things for dachshunds and their humans alike. We recently purchased a Weenie Warmer for Shatzie because she gets cold so quick, and it will be here Monday. I’m so excited to see it! But, I have a super special deal for you guys! I’ll link it down below so you can check it out! Don’t forget to use my special promo code at checkout also! Anyway, Marcus and I had a ton of fun last night drinking and watching movies. On the down side, he got called into work this morning, and it’s laundry day, and we have to watch Jayden baby, which that really isn’t a downside. We are almost done with packing (thank you Lord), and gearing up for the big move. We still need to go into Uhaul and reserve a truck for the 28th, but this is really happening. I’m excited and scared at the same time, but I know everything will be alright in the end. Anyway, thank you guys for all the love and support as always. Much love.

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