We wait

We had a really good day today. Marcus is feeling tons better, and we got to see two of my nieces and spend the day with them. We even did a big grill out with burgers and hot dogs up at my parents today. It’s been a tough road lately, but we are pushing through. I’ve got some stuff coming up on Friday, as I await the outcome of a important test. I’ll have more on that when I know more, and then I will post about it here either way. I’m not going to give too much about it away, since I am trying to be on the down low. But other then that, I’m also feeling much better. Anyway, I’m going to get back to relaxing since it was a really long and productive day for us. Thank you guys for all the love and support as always. Much love.


Disney kid

I’m finally starting to feel a little better then I have been. Bad news is, now poor Marcus is sick. It’s a never-ending cycle I swear. Anyway, after tomorrow he’s got Monday and Tuesday off which he needs really bad. He is currently passed out next to me while I watch Disney movies in bed. He even brought home chipotle for dinner tonight because they brought burritos to his work. It was a really nice treat, considering all that’s been happening. I’m currently waiting for my next cycle to come around, which I’m sure is on its way. Anyway, I’m going to snuggle in bed and continue my Disney movies. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.

Floating away

Whilst being stuck in bed with the flu day two or three (hell if I remember), I have been talking to my mom in law. She made us an appointment next month to go do a 90 minute float in a sensory deprivation float tank. If you’ve ever seen Stranger Things, you know exactly which scene in particular I’m talking about. If not, I’ll give you the basic rundown. Pretty much what it is, how it works, all that. So the tank itself is a lightless soundproof tank that has a really high amount of epsom salt content filled with salt water that is skin temperature warm. Pretty much you get in and relax as you float. The buoyancy in your body as well as in the water helps you to float. You aren’t completely submerged so your face is still above water. I’ll include a sample picture down below. Since I suffer from anxiety, she thinks it just might help me reset myself, which I don’t disagree. So pretty much 90 full minutes of complete and utter silence which to be honest I could use right about now. I’m actually really excited to do it, even though water hasn’t been the greatest to me in the past. I think it will be really interesting to experience, so after we are done I’ll be sure to update you guys on how it went. Anyway, I’m going to end this here so I can stuff my face with food and shower. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.


Here’s the website if anybody is interested!


Spring sickness

I’ve been pretty down and out today. I did get out of the house, but I haven’t felt good all day. So now I’m laying in bed watching Netflix while Marcus games with a friend. I did go see Bryce and Brit and Jayden today and went out to dinner with mom and dad. I’m more tired then anything and my head hurts but hasn’t gotten to the point of pure hell yet. I may actually go to bed early tonight which would be nice for me. I’m still getting low readings on the monitor which I bumming me out, but it is what it is right now. I’m so ready to our vacation too. Speaking of that, Marcus got 5 days paid vacation approved today for our Colorado trip. Anyway, thank you guys for all the love and support as always. Much love.

Good times ahead

Well I have some amazing news. Marcus got a promotion and is now going to be breakfast supervisor. We are so excited, and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s been a really long day for the both of us, and we are so glad to be home. We Skyped his parents today, and we have a ton of plans when we go to Colorado next month. Don’t worry, I will still be writing to you guys while we are there. Everything is panning out for us finally, and I feel like we don’t have to scrape by and struggle anymore. The plan to move in October is still full speed ahead, and we think we have found a good place. Now all we have to do is just wait for an opening and cross our fingers that we get accepted. We snagged our air conditioner from my parents today, and our apartment feels so much better. So far my Instagram for my fertility journey is pretty quiet, but I’m sure that it will pick up speed once I share it more. I’m back on my cream again, and have yet to get a high reading on the monitor. But anyway, I’m going to relax in bed and watch a little Ghost Whisperer to wind down from today. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.

I love you baaaabyyyy

So I did a thing today. I decided to make an Instagram about my fertility journey. I’ll leave the name down below for you guys to check it out and I’ll probably link it somewhere in the top menu. Anyway, all four of us are staying at my parents house tonight because of Marcus and his crazy work schedule. We decided to stay here because it is tem times closer to his work then our place and really trying to save gas until I get paid for babysitting Jayden. Mom made a cheesecake, so besides eating all my dinner I’m super stuffed. Marcus even brought home son goodies for me from work. Tomorrow is the regular laundry day for us, and then back home to adult some more. I’ll be pretty active on my new page, so feel free to check it out for updates there as well. Anyway, thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.


Baby talk

I just crawled my exhausted butt into bed after babysitting Jayden since two today. It was an eventful day of kid movies, lots of snacks, and tons and tons of juice that ended up more on him then in him. My back is achy from picking up my 25+ godson, and I’m covered in mashed potatoes, juice, scooby snack graham crackers, fruit snacks, and whatever else but it was worth it and not something I would ever change if I had the chance. When Marcus brought me home, I had two very excited furbabies greet me and heaven knows I missed them and Marcus too. Now the struggle of what to make for a late dinner is at hand, and also what tomorrow will bring as far as Marcus and his breakfast shift. Things have been going well for him on that end, and hopefully it stays that way. I’ve been a busy fur mama and wife just like always, and sometimes I feel like I just can’t keep up. Anyway, I think I’m going to lay in bed and relax for the remainder of the evening and apparently Toby dog feels that I need company. Thank you guys for all the love and support as always. Much love.