The Sous Chef says….date day foods!

Hey guys, this is Marcus again coming at you with another food blog. So yesterday, my lovely wifey and I did a complete date day. We stopped in at a little pub in Idaho Falls called “The Bees Knees” and had ourselves some lunch and drinks. I had the jerk pork medallions with tomato bisque soup, and their version of mac and cheese. The wifey had a steak sandwich with the mac and cheese as well. I will include pictures at the end of the blog, so you guys can see how our plates were presented. To start, my wifey and I both got ourselves some adult beverages. I had a Dos Equis with lime, while she had something they call a “Southern Lemonade” which she really enjoyed. When my bisque came, it was presented with a warm roll complete with a side of butter. The bisque was a pleasant surprise of nice and relatively thick tomato base with a hint of a cheese flavor. Unfortunately, to be biased I still prefer my own bisque. The roll I couldn’t tell if it was handmade or not, though probably the latter. After that was the pork medallions, mac and cheese, and a small side of fruit (two blackberries and a half of a strawberry). The pork medallions being wrapped in bacon had a magnificent slight back burn and smokey bacon flavor. Being topped with pineapple, onion, red bell pepper, and green bell pepper it gave it an excellent and refreshing start. The mac and cheese had either a chipotle or habanero spice to it which as you ate it, it built upon that heat that you really can’t find anywhere else. The cheese sauce that they used on it was I’d have to say an adaptation of Alfredo sauce. The fruit was very refreshing and cleansed the pallet, as well as an appealing garnish. The wifey’s steak sandwich was good, it still had a bit of a back burn but a completely different flavor profile. Though obviously topped with A1, it was still very prominent. The bread was toasted, so the juices from the steak did not cause it to become soggy. She also enjoyed the mac and cheese, which is new for her since she is restaurant mac and cheese picky. All in all we give the meal excellent quality and well worth the cash.



The Sous Chef says…Street Tacos!

Two posts in one day? Say what?! So my dear sweet husband Marcus is a sous chef as many of you may know. We decided to incorporate some of his recipes onto the blog so you can get to know him, and a little about what he does! I’ll let him take it from here!


Hey everybody. My name is Marcus, and I am a sous chef for the Red Lion hotel. This recipe in general is a pretty easy one. My previous manager Dave came up with this, and it stemmed from the original “Taco Tuesday” they had already going. I got to chose how to make them, and what to put on. Dane my coworker, had been doing tacos in a way that just seemed unappetizing to me. Since I wanted to go for more of a carne asada look and feel, I had actually first used the Habanero rubbed Tri tip that we do at work. Taking that and about a quarter cup of handmade taco seasoning and lime juice, I use a vacuum chamber in order to quickly marinate the meat and then mix it with a blend of fire roasted onions and bell peppers to create the first layer of the taco. On top of that, I whip up a fresh pico de gallo and some creme fresca. To top it all off, a side of refried beans and bam, street tacos.