Christmas tree decorating, babysitting, and muffin making?

Good morning, afternoon, whatever! We had a super long, super busy day yesterday! Marcus went to work, paid rent, and then went back to work. I headed over to Bryce and Brits to hang with them and Jayden baby, came back to my apartment, decorated the Christmas tree, grabbed Toby dog, went back to Bryce and Brits, took their daughter Kya back to her grandma, went grocery shopping, ran to my mom and dads to grab our new comforter (thank you to my aunties) and see the puppies, back to Bryce and Brits to unload groceries, eat, and then put Jayden to bed, and finally wait for Marcus to grab me so we could go home. Today, it’s go over to Bryce and Brits to hang out with Brit and Jayden while the boys are at work. Pretty sure we are making muffins, so gotta bring my muffin tin and other necessities for doing so. This weekend we are staying at my parents house so they can attend a Christmas party and we can watch the puppies. Also, I get to have some quality time with Jayden baby because both Bryce and Brit have to work night shifts Saturday, so auntie to the rescue to watch little man. Talk about trying to keep up with everybody 🙂 As for fertility wise since I’m sure some of you would like to know, I’m just waiting for AF (Aunt Flow) to leave the premisses so we can start all over again. But for now, it’s just a sit and wait.


More high readings, and puppy news!

Hello everyone! We’ve had a busy start to the week, so I’m going to apologize now if these posts are sparse. Marcus has been suuuuper busy since Monday, and I’ve just been piddling around doing household chores, making some money doing surveys, helping my mom, and babysitting. Poor Jayden baby has a sever sore throat and double ear infection, so it’s auntie lovin’ to the rescue today. I’m still getting high readings on my Clearblue fertility monitor (I need to take a pic and post it so you guys can check it out), and so our journey that way has still been constant and the same. Yesterday, I went to mom and dads to help decorate the tree, and hang there while Marcus worked. I found out that Shatzie gets to come home with us on January 6th, so we are super excited about that! She is growing so fast, and two weeks from Friday the 25th, their eyes and ears will be opening. They are all doing wonderful, and nursing just fine! When their eyes and ears open, I’ll post more pics so you guys can see what they look like! Also, it’s the last day for the Younique bundles, and the last day for free shipping on the presenters kit, so hit me up if you need any sort of makeup! I’ll post the link once again down below, so feel free to check it out!

Adventures in babysitting…

Hello hello my lovely readers! Marcus and I just got home, and now I’m listening to the sound of Toby munching and crunching away on his dog food. Early this morning about 9:30 ish, I was dropped off at my best friends house to hang out and watch my nephew (technically he’s my godson, but it’s just easier to call him my nephew). Of course as soon as he saw me, it was all smiles and giggles from there. Then of course comes the rubbing of his tired little eyes (he’s only a year old mind you), so back to bed with his umba (bottle of milk) he goes. The rest of my morning until about 12:30 Brittany, Bryce, and I all crashed out until Jayden baby arose. From there, it was baby crackers, baby food, more milk of course, pizza rolls for us, and Reign playing on Netflix. A quick call from my darling husband to tell me he was on his way, and now I’m sitting on our couch typing this while he plays Skyrim. For dinner I’m thinking some Mama Inez leftovers, and maybe curl up on the couch (since I’m not feeling too great, thanks eczema….you’re a peach) and watch Disney movies.