Silence is golden

We don’t remember what it’s like to be effortlessly floating in our mothers womb. Recently, I’ve had an experience that I think comes pretty close to that. While on vacation in Colorado, Marcus’s mom and I had the opportunity to experience a sensory deprivation tank. In our case, it was an open float which means you aren’t closed into any sort of pod. It looks like you’ve laid down in a big bathtub or bottom of a shower stall. Our experience was at a place called Easy Float which I will leave their website link down below so you guys can check them out. Walking into this calm, relaxing shop of theirs, we met the shop dog who was as sweet as can be, and the guy at the front desk. Since this was a first experience for the both of us, the guy talked us through how everything works, the procedure we use before entering our rooms (we each had our own for privacy), and addressed any questions we had. Since I suffer from anxiety, he gave me a small nightlight to keep on since they put you in total darkness. He showed us our rooms, and off we went. So basically what happens is you get into your room which has a shower and your float area inside. You strip off all your clothes (you can either float naked or in your swimsuit which is what I chose), shower to wash off all the extra oils on your body (make sure your shower isn’t too hot because the water in the tank is kept at body temp), put in your ear plugs since the water does have epsom salt in it, dry your face off because you aren’t allowed to touch it once in the salt water (self explanatory), and step into the salt water. After about 15 minutes all the lights in the room shut off as you begin your float. This was the coolest thing I have ever done. I would do it again in a heartbeat. After about 90 minutes or so (you can float longer if you wish, just let them know), music starts to play and the lights come back on. You stand up slowly out of the salt water since you’ve been floating on your back, wash off, take your your earplugs, dry off, and you can even have a cup of tea if you so wish. I had a blast, and I would recommend this to pretty much everybody. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.


Author: growingupamerrick

Hello everybody! My name is Mariah, I'm 25 years old, married to my best friend, and have two amazing furbabies. I started this blog to fill you in on what goes on inside the Merrick household as well as our lives. We are also on our TTC (trying to conceive) journey, and I've got pretty regular updates on that. Hope you guys enjoy, and happy reading!

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