Woman struggles

This period has been the hardest one I think I’ve ever had. It was so bad today that I had to take a hot bath and lay down for a nap. It’s super heavy bleeding and I’ve already almost gone through a 34 pack of tampons already. I know it’s TMI, but you know that I keep it really real here. Marcus has been taking care of me the best way he knows how, and I love him for it. Hopefully it will be over soon, and I’m not as bummed out as I thought I would be. I guess I’m just looking at it now as another chance to try again. I’m just glad that we are getting this taken care of now and not later. I have the best husband I could ever ask for, and he is so patient with me with all of this. Anyways, thank you guys for all the love and support as always. Much love. 


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