Munch and chill

So sorry about no post yesterday! I ended up staying with Bryce and Brit until Marcus got done and we didn’t get home until midnight. Today has been a super chill day. We had cajun shrimp and homemade salmon nuggets for lunch, and have been munching all day. Marcus made us spiked Arnold Palmers and they are so good. I ended up with shark week again, and I’m so excited my meds are working. We plan on drunk Diablo 3 in a little bit, and we’ve been watching studio ghibli movies all day. We even called Marcus’s sister this morning and wished her a happy birthday which ended up a Facebook face call for two hours. It’s pouring rain outside so we’ve got the window open and it smells and feels so good. But I just wanted to pump out this post before I get too snookered and can’t type. Anyways, thank you guys for all the love and support as always. Much love.


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