Best news ever

You guys! After three days of low ovulation tests, I finally got a high one! This means that I am indeed going to ovulate this month and that my medications and cream is working! I am so beyond excited that it’s crazy! I finally feel not so broken anymore and that is the best feeling in the entire world. Marcus is even excited that I will soon be ovulating. Of course I have to keep using my cream until day twenty something and then stop it and wait for my period to come but still. This absolutely proves to us that the diagnosis was indeed correct, and now we know how to fix it. Obviously, you all know what we will be doing tonight (I’m keeping it PG if I have young readers). I cannot believe that we have this opportunity to make myself better in a way that I never knew existed and that is actually working. I felt like we had tried just about everything before, and we were literally considering a fertility specialist. But now we don’t have to, and I am so relieved that we don’t. Obviously we would still consider it if it came down to having to do so, but we don’t have to spend that money now. Anyways, I’m going to finish watching Doctor Strange with Marcus before I babble your ears off. Thank you guys for all the love and support as always. Much love.


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