Allergies got me like…

Well, allergy season is upon us and it’s starting to hit me. It’s been sort of a lazy day seeing as I haven’t been feeling the greatest. But, on the bright side our dinner Marcus made us was amazing. I did make and post a video on our Youtube channel, so I will leave the link down below as always. I’m getting back into the habit of using my fertility monitor, which is great. I had an anxiety attack today, which wasn’t fun because it decided to mess with my speak and make me stutter when I spoke for a good few hours. I’m back to talking normally now, but it still bothers me. I ended up crashing on the futon for a good hour while Marcus plays his Mass Effect Andromeda, so Benadryl for me tonight to try and lull me to sleep. Hopefully it will be a restful night for the both of us because he does have to work tomorrow. Other then that, today has been okay for the both of us. Nothing new and exciting going on for the Merrick household to speak of. My mom and I are planning my 24th birthday BBQ for next month, because I know how much she really wants to throw me one. Anyways, I think I’m going to end the blog here, so I can spend some time with my furbabies and Marcus. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support as always. Much love.


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