Normality even for today

Besides the snow storm, it was a regular Sunday for us. Shatzie actually enjoyed outside with all the snow, and even chased Toby dog around. We did the traditional birthday dinner for my Papa (grandpa) and Shey tonight, and obviously had homemade birthday cake. My summer body may not be ready, but my winter body is on point. I feel much better today, and I’m glad that I really didn’t have to deal with the creeping anxiety and depression that is my life (well, not as much today anyway). Marcus is down for the count as of right now since he is trying to squeeze in a nap before he has to stay up all night (another breakfast shift at 4:45am for the books). He also works all day tomorrow too, so I’m going to have an exhausted husband by tomorrow night. We had a blast last night, and Bradley made it home safe back to Utah today. Luckily, he beat the huge winter storm that was rolling in. Other then all that, I’m pretty satisfied with my Sunday. I cannot promise you all that I will be this way tomorrow seeing as Marcus works all day, but I will at least try and be. Anyways, I’ve got some Youtube work to do, so I’ll end the post right here. Thank you for all the love and support as always. Much love.


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