Saturday grumpiness

Well, besides going to bed at almost six this morning and waking up with a migraine which I am currently trying to mellow out with Excedrine and coffee, I’m in the best mood ever (please take note of the sarcasm)! Looking on the bright side of things, I do get a date night tonight with Marcus, and get to hang with my best friend and godson for awhile today. I’m still awaiting AF (Aunt Flow) as we speak which is not helping my mood at all to be honest. I’m trying to put myself in a better mood though, so I’m not such a party pooper today and don’t snap at everybody (hence the coffee, it’s my life force…seriously). I should also be getting ready seeing as how Brit and Jayden baby are on their way to come and get me so Marcus doesn’t have to drive back and forth. Anyways, I think I’ll hurry and cut this one short today. Thank you guys so much for all the love and support you’ve given this little blog of mine. Don’t forget to check out our Etsy shop, as well as our Youtube channel there’s a new vlog up as of yesterday! Much love.


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