A lug of an update

Herro hoomans! Dis is Toby dog here, and since you hasn’t heard from me in awhile, momma said I gives you update. I are feeling lots better since my accident wif the towel. I got to play all day at grammas (my mom and dads) yesterday, and so I was one tuckered pup. I gets a bath today, but I no like baths. The tiny dog (Shatzie) is still chasing me around the house and yard, but now I don’t minds as much. Momma and dad say we are moving to a new house this year, and we get to go big bye bye to see Nana and Poppa (Marcus’s parents in Colorado). Momma and dad are gunna start some kind of smelly good company (our candle business, see previous blog), and I get to be a sniff tester. I like to smell all the things. Dad’s making pannycakes (pancakes) right now, so I think I’m gunna helps him. Don’t forget to check out momma and dads Youtube channel, and keep showing lots of love here too! Bark at you guys later! Lots of love, kisses, and big floofy tail wags!



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