Creole fever

Today has been an off day for me I suppose. But I did have a really good time with Brit and Bryce last night. I even dyed the underside of my hair blue. Anyways, it was a day full of laundry, puppy snuggles and playtime as usual, and Marcus even made gumbo for dinner. I’m not sure why it was such an off day for me, but be that as it may it was. Also, we estimated the time in which we will be going down to Colorado this year. Hopefully we can be gone the 23rd of June through the 3rd of July, but as always Marcus has to see what kind of vacation time he is able to take. I’m most definitely ready for Creole fest again this year, as well as comic con. Plus, it will be Shatzie’s first time meeting Nana and Papa (Marcus’s mom and dad) so we are pretty excited for that. As usual routine, tonight is puppy bath night for both the kiddos, so we get to enjoy that here soon. Also, I’m sorry that this post is a little late tonight, but I don’t really take my laptop to my parents on laundry days. Thank you guys for all the love and support lately! It means a lot to my little family, and hopefully there will be some baby news soon! Much love.


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