Party time

So my Pure Romance party is tonight, and I didn’t get the turnout I was hoping for. Oh well, I know who will be there and who won’t be. Anyway, life has slowed down a bit (and by slowed down I mean Marcus actually has the day off and we aren’t running around just yet). Shatzie decided to wake up at 4 am…and then stay up. Sleeping through the night isn’t her strong point yet, but we are getting there. Thankfully, Marcus got up with her, and they were able to let me sleep off my migraine. So, now I wait until five to head up to my parents since our apartment isn’t big enough for the party. Thank you guys so much for all the love on yesterdays blog. It has been greatly appreciated! I am 200 something shy of 1,000 views, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for that! Other then my party tonight, everything is going pretty well on our end. Premama is still in full swing, and I’ll update you guys tomorrow on how my party went tonight! Much love.


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