Readers discretion is advised

Hey! So this is not a normal blog today. I’m going to forewarn all my readers right here right now, this is a blog post to read at your own risk. Reference the title, and proceed with caution if you are a male reader or really any reader. There has been a discussion going on lately between friends and I about sex during AF (Aunt Flow). Also, it’s been popping up randomly in places I visit. It’s been bugging me so much, that I decided to do a little research on it. Now, we’re gunna get pretty personal here in the next few minutes. I’m going to be upfront and blunt with you, I HATE period sex. When she comes into town, all bets are off. It makes me feel disgusting and gross anyway, so why would I want to add to that? Marcus and I have discussed it, and he and I both agree that it’s a no go for both of us. In my findings today, I learned that yes period sex is okay, but you must practice it safely. It can do a number of things, so I will make a list of the good it can do. Shall we?

  • Less need for lubrication
  • It can lessen period symptoms like cramps
  • Can reduce migraine and cluster headache pain
  • More intense orgasms

Now, I understand that the need for lube and stuff is lessened, but I would rather use lube or something instead of covering someone in blood. Also, I found the safety practices that you should use and be aware of if you do indeed decide to have sex on your period. I’ll begin with a list of those right…now.

  • STI’s can still be transmitted
  • HIV can be transmitted through blood, so be wary
  • Your pH level has risen, so watch out for yeast infections ladies
  • UTI’s are more prone to happen as well

Now, unless you’re not TTC (trying to conceive), you can in fact get pregnant on your period. It happens if you have a short cycle (like 21-24 days) and you have sex towards the end of it. Sperm last up to five days, so it is a possibility, but it’s not the greatest time to do it if you are hoping for a new bundle of joy.

I hope this post hasn’t scared you away. If you chose to have sex on your period, just be aware of what can happen. For us, it’s a no go. Thanks for reading!


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