About last night

1:00 am: whining pupper dog. Feed dog snuggle her in bed go back to sleep. 3:00 am: whining pupper dog again. This time, both Marcus and I get up, feed her, let her potty, play with her, snuggle her back into bed and go back to sleep. 7:15 am: whining pupper dog for the last time. Get up, feed her, let her potty, play with her, grab pillow and blanket, lay on couch, snuggle her up and go back to bed. Current situation, two sleeping pupper dogs one in her bed the other on the couch, Marcus is gaming and I’m sitting here writing to you. So, good afternoon/morning/evening from a sleep deprived momma dog. Shatzie is pretty homesick, so on our adventure to Walmart last night (also Brittany did watch the dogs) we picked her up some formula. So she has been going between that and soft food for now until she gets adjusted. Finally got my Christmas present from Papa Jeff (Marcus’s dad) yesterday and it is bomb! The company took FOREVER to ship it, but I’m super glad it came alright. I’ll link pictures down below so y’all can see. We did end up picking some more things up for Shatzie, and tomorrow we get to spoil both the dogs. Petco anyone? Anyway, it’s back to the grind of pupper snuggles from both my loves!


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