Happy New Year!

Hey guys! I cannot believe it’s already New Years Eve. I’m sitting up at mom and dad’s smelling the dip mom made in the Crock-Pot. Marcus is at work and is there til eight tonight. then when he comes home, nachos are being made, and probably copious amounts of Jell-o shot intake with kings cup to be played. We are on the home stretch for Shatzie dog, so house cleaning for me this week. You’ll be hearing from her on her first day home I guarantee that! So for now, it’s a mellow day full of fat kid food and alcohol. I’m so lucky on who I have in my life, and who I’m taking in the next year with me. Oh, by the way ladies, we just released our new Kudos, and we have our brand new formulated mascara coming out January 2nd, so I’ll leave my link below! Anyway, as I look back on 2016 I cannot believe all the things Marcus and I have gone through. Our 1st wedding anniversary, going down to Colorado for Comic Con and to visit his parents, getting Shatzie dog, and many more things. I’m lucky to have such awesome parents, grandparents, parents in law, friends, and above everything the man I married in my life. Happy New Years Eve everybody, I hope 2017 is a good one and a lucky one for those of us trying to become mommies! Much love from my clan to yours!



Author: growingupamerrick

Hello everybody! My name is Mariah, I'm 25 years old, married to my best friend, and have two amazing furbabies. I started this blog to fill you in on what goes on inside the Merrick household as well as our lives. We are also on our TTC (trying to conceive) journey, and I've got pretty regular updates on that. Hope you guys enjoy, and happy reading!

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