Just catching up!!

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry about the silence! I was sick the other day and I’m still trying to get over that, and poor Marcus has been super busy with work. I cannot believe Christmas is next weekend! It’s freakin crazy! We’ve got a few Christmas gifts still left to get, not to mention cards and wrapping paper. I spent the day with Brit, Bryce, and Jayden baby yesterday and had a really good time. Also, the puppies are three weeks old today which means three more weeks until Shatzie gets to come home with us! I even through a romantic night at home together last night for Marcus and I (Brit helped too) and that’s where I’ll leave that :). It’s snowing like crazy over here, and it is yet again another low day on the monitor. Marcus got Shatzie to howl the other day and I wasn’t able to catch it on video but it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. If he gets her to do it again, I’ll make sure to snag it and post it in the furbaby section of the blog! Also, Younique has some big things coming and I cannot wait to tell you about them! I’ll leave the link down below just in case my ladies that read (yes guys this includes you too) wanna snag some amazing gifts!




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