The Sous Chef says…Street Tacos!

Two posts in one day? Say what?! So my dear sweet husband Marcus is a sous chef as many of you may know. We decided to incorporate some of his recipes onto the blog so you can get to know him, and a little about what he does! I’ll let him take it from here!


Hey everybody. My name is Marcus, and I am a sous chef for the Red Lion hotel. This recipe in general is a pretty easy one. My previous manager Dave came up with this, and it stemmed from the original “Taco Tuesday” they had already going. I got to chose how to make them, and what to put on. Dane my coworker, had been doing tacos in a way that just seemed unappetizing to me. Since I wanted to go for more of a carne asada look and feel, I had actually first used the Habanero rubbed Tri tip that we do at work. Taking that and about a quarter cup of handmade taco seasoning and lime juice, I use a vacuum chamber in order to quickly marinate the meat and then mix it with a blend of fire roasted onions and bell peppers to create the first layer of the taco. On top of that, I whip up a fresh pico de gallo and some creme fresca. To top it all off, a side of refried beans and bam, street tacos.




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