Uh honey….the car keys are where?!

Good afternoon everybody! So last nights adventure. I decided to just boogie up to mom and dad’s for a bit until Marcus got off work. While hanging with the puppies and parents, we decided to go down to Red Lion for dinner and so I could see the hubs. Ate dinner, went back up the hill and sat and waited. Mom and I talked about baby stuff as usual, and I had received more test sticks for the monitor and a value pack of pregnancy strips. Has anybody ever used those, and do they work well? E mail me or comment below please and thanks! Anyway, at about 9:30 Marcus came walking through the garage door after a super long day. Sat and visited with mom for a bit seeing as dad had gone to bed, and then decided to hit the road before it got super slick. So, let Toby dog out of his kennel, put him outside, gather our things, give love to mom, start the car, put Toby in the car, and go home right? WRONG. UTTERLY WRONG. This is exactly how it went. Put Toby dog outside, gather our things, give love to mom, close garage door, start the car, go to put rest of things in the car, tug on the door….tug again on the door….and one more time for good measure cause hey the door might be frozen…and then get looked at and we both said (excuse the language) “ohhhh fuck”. Now you see, Bianca (that’s our Blazers name) has this special little feature of when you start the car you can take the key out and she keeps running. Aka the key is worn down enough to do that. So, knowing that he could do that, Marcus turned the key and shut the drivers side door. He forgot to pull the key out, AND UNLOCK THE CAR. So poor husband, I, and Toby dog were standing in my parents driveway in the freezing cold (like -2 I believe) until my mom peeked her head out the window. She heard the garage door close and then open again. Needless to say with the help of a machete blade, a wire hanger, and a steak knife (the one with the two long prongs) we popped the door open and got home safe. Now I have the extra key (it was on the ring with the other key) and thankfully we didn’t run out of gas.


Author: growingupamerrick

Hello everybody! My name is Mariah, I'm 25 years old, married to my best friend, and have two amazing furbabies. I started this blog to fill you in on what goes on inside the Merrick household as well as our lives. We are also on our TTC (trying to conceive) journey, and I've got pretty regular updates on that. Hope you guys enjoy, and happy reading!

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