Lazy day

Good afternoon readers! It’s been quite the lazy day today here at the Merrick household. Started AF (aunt flow) last night, which I figured was the weird spotting. But other then that, nothing too exciting. Although, the dentist is booked up for this Friday the 18th, so we’ve got to figure out Marcus’s schedule so he can finally get in to get his teeth pulled. Toby dog has a cold (not kennel cough thank god), and so he’s been napping on and off today. Finally I am getting to use the Clearblue fertility monitor that my aunts graciously gifted to me, and it’s pretty awesome so far. I will keep you guys posted and updated with that as well. I will be able to take my first OPK (ovulation predictor kit) on the sixth day according to the monitor. 11 more days til puppies, so good news all around for today!


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