Test sticks, almonds, and flare ups…

Good evening fellow readers! Today has been an adventure filled day. Woke up this morning to pack our dirty laundry and necessities, and head over to the parents house to crash for the night. Marcus went to work, and I sat down to do some serious Sims 4 gaming. Next thing I know, my best friend Bryce pulls up in his truck and has come to visit me. So, while talking and trying to manage not being in pain today with an extremely swollen hand, elbow, and fingers (once again thanks eczema….so lovely to have you around), I decide to go grocery shopping with them. A few spoils later (thank you to Bryce and Brit for loving me enough lol), I’m now back at my moms to find my Clearblue test sticks waiting for me (once again thank you to my two loving aunties). Also, found some AMAZING cocoa powdered chocolate covered almonds that I’m not ashamed to say I’ve eaten half the bag. Now to settle down, wait for Marcus to get home, and chat with my loving mama.


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