Late night Taco Bell runs and bye bye rides…

Story time! Whilst trying to figure out what to have for dinner tonight, I decided to hop on to the Taco bell website and look up the price of their new rolled chicken tacos (come on I know you’ve seen the ads and you know you wanna try ’em). Needless to say, Marcus and I scrounged up all the change we had and found a dollar too, and decided on Taco Bell for dinner. Remembering that I still had some sort of money on one of my pay cards (I’m a rep for Younique cosmetics if you didn’t know), I was WAY too excited for some greasy yumminess. But, the deal was to take the Toby dog (told you he’s got a lot of nicknames), that and our dog LOVES drive thru’s. So, we prettied up the dog aka putting on his leash, and headed to Taco Bell. Upon arriving, we decide to run in and leave the dog in the car (don’t worry, we left the car running and the heat on since it’s cold as all hell). After getting said fat kid food, we parked in the parking lot and scarfed down in record time. Marcus tried Diablo sauce which got him all choked up (tehe), and I silenced the fat kid inside of me (I only weigh 125 thank you very much). Now as we sit on the couch watching Bones and Toby sleeps on the floor by my feet, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have these two amazing goobers (yeah I said it) in my life. Thank you, and goodnight.


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